For Topmonumenten Brabant (Grote Kerk, Breda | Sint-Janskathedraal, Den Bosch | Markiezenhof, Bergen-op-Zoom | Kasteel Heeswijk, Heeswijk-Dinther) I developed an interactive digital lesson plan for high school students, using Cardboard VR viewers to make the challenge more immersive.

The students are asked to choose a quest (one of the monuments) and answer questions about different traditional crafts to gain access to the next scene – eventually leading them to the most impressive space of each landmark, which awards them a ticket to visit the monument in real life.

The VR experience makes the educational element more playful, and because they have to look around for clues they’ll get a better sense of the high levels of detail incorporated in these buildings. Hopefully they’ll get excited enough to visit, so they can look around with more freedom of movement – and engage all their senses in exploring our heritage.


The experience can be found here: The security certificate has expired but it’s still accessible.